Prof. Mario Barbagallo

Professor of Geriatrics, Director of the Geriatric Unit,
University Hospital, University of Palermo, Italy.
Former Chairman of the International association of Geriatrics-Europe.
Member of the Higher Council of Health.

Prof. Roberto Catanzaro

Associate prof. of Gastroemterology,
Dept of Clinical and Experimental Medicine-Gastroenterology,
niversity of Catania, Italy.
Main investigator in metabolic-related GI diseases,
fatty liver and fatty pancreas disease.

Prof. Antonio Ayala

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. University of Sevilla. Spain. Main investigator of the Biochemistry of Aging research group. Vice-President of Spanish Soc. of Anti Aging Medicine and Longevity

Dr. Aldo Lorenzetti

Specialist in Hepatology, former chief assistant at Liver Unit, 3rd largest Hepatocellular Carcinoma center in Northern Italy, Niguarda Hospital, Milano, senior MD of Internal Medicine at  Galeazzi Hospital, Milano  

Prof. Francesco Marotta

Specialist in Gastroenterology, PhD in Molecular Biology (Japan), (Hon) Research professor, Nutrition & Functional Foods Dept., Texas W. University, USA, Master in Biogerontology (USA), Chair Longevity & Vitality, FEMTEC world federation, WHO-affiliated, founder of